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“Washing Instructions” in Business-Contexts – Employee and Leadership-Edition

Analyze yourself with the following questions: How do you act on the interpersonal level so far? What impact do you leave on others and why? And what can help you tackle your professional and private challenges with vigour and passion? 

In the eves_ seminar series you get valuable inputs on how to change your own ways of thinking and behavior, to fulfill your intentions. So as to that you can really achieve what you intend. Understanding systems and dynamics between or behind situations and encounters and being able to apply them in a targeted manner can make it easier to deal with others.

All modules of our seminar series are accompanied by two coaches. Individual counseling for an optimal outcome.

Our trainingand coaching-team Stefanie Böttcher and Daniela Kauer

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The series is on a continuing basis. ​Every module can be booked and attended individually or as a package.​

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