eves_ honoured as “Giver of the future – Attractive employer”

On 30.05.2018 eves_information technology AG and eves_consulting GmbH were awarded the seal of approval “Future employer – Attractive employer”.

The award was presented by the Allianz für die Region and the Arbeitgeberverband Region Braunschweig in the “Alte Schmiede” of the Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt.

For this award, eves_information technology AG and eves_consulting GmbH have intensively dealt with how they position themselves in the competition for skilled workers and what can be offered to employees at eves_ in six workshops since October 2017.

These workshops encouraged eves_ that it was right for the company to respond to the requirements and wishes of existing and future employees. eves_ ‘s goal is to further expand this type of communication.

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