February 2018

Microsoft Teams in 2018

After the last entry about Microsoft Teams in October 2017, a lot has happened. Since we, eves_consulting GmbH, work with Microsoft teams on a daily basis and would also like to sensitize our customers to the modern way of working with colleagues and external partners, we have summarized the updates of Microsoft teams once.

Microsoft continues to work intensively with Microsoft teams to simplify the entry into cloud services and to optimize the software for all types of users. Based on other chat software, there is now a command box and keyboard shortcuts.

Here is an overview of the new features:

  • Command Box
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • Authorizations in General Channels
  • Better OneNote Integration
  • Hiding chats
  • Custom links
  • Screen sharing with control
  • Making calls between Skype for Business and teams
  • meeting features

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